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ServantNevin Şahin’s cat, who lives in Istanbul, disappeared on April 1. Stating that his cat occasionally travels in the apartment and the site, Şahin examined the images of the security camera that was recently installed in the apartment when he could not find his cat. Sahin, who claimed that his neighbor, who lived in the same apartment after watching the footage, exiled violence against the cat, claimed that his cat was lost after that day. Expressing his sadness due to the loss of his cat, Şahin stated that he would file a criminal complaint about the person who was reflected in the images.

“We are looking for street cats”

Nevin Şahin explained the incident as follows:
“Our cat disappeared on April 1. It was going in and out of the building. We said let’s look at the security camera, “If he got out, let’s call him accordingly.” Because sometimes it happens inside the building. There was no security camera before, it has been around for 15 days. When I looked at the security camera records, I saw that the person I was living in the same building was kicking my cat. My cat has been missing for 15 days. We are looking for him everywhere. I just went to a village here again. I looked for the cat there. We’re still looking for cats. I was shocked when I saw this on the security camera. ”

“I will be complaining”

Şahin said that after surviving the corona virus days, he will file a criminal complaint against the person in question, “My current sadness is that I have a 13-year-old son. Believe me, he has been lying and crying every night since 15 days. Of course I will file a criminal complaint, but believe me, our current situation is clear. I know what our law enforcement is interested in and our courtrooms are not currently available. I will complain with this image in my hand, as long as we get over those bad days. ” spoke as.

“It enters my dreams”

13-year-old Soykan Şahin, who had a hard time telling her cat, said, “When I was at home, I was playing to catch him. We were playing games together, and I loved it while I was lying. Sorry, it comes into my dreams all night. ”
The spouse of the person in question denied the allegations and claimed that the incident was misunderstood.

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