We are very sorry for the lives that died in Ankara! – SRC

Last night, my dear people died and some were injured.

The place was Ankara. Time is the darkness of the night….

“What happened?” I asked. People in the team said terrorist attack…

I didn’t ask what the terrorist attack means, because everybody is upset and some are angry

My bad work team wouldn’t be so upset if nothing bad happened. I still don’t know what terrorism is. I guess it’s a bad thing that kills all lives.

Because I heard it before, my mule friends in Roboski were dead. So all the souls die in these bad events.

They once said that my bird friends were afraid of the sounds and some of them fell to the ground. Maybe they fell from highs last night.

I wonder what other of my friends were hurt last night?

My friends on the street and I know death very well.

I wrote before: “Some of us were freezing from the cold, some of us couldn’t find a bite of food, starving, some of us drifting behind cars, motorcycles, some of us poisoned, some of us with bullets, some of us tortured, some of us being thrown into a blind well with our kicking, some of us are leaving the places as soon as the caravan passes, some of us are taken from the streets to be sterilized and taken to the unknown. He said.

Are we going to die from terrorism now?

With my human beings …

I think there are things I cannot understand…

They’re watching the news now. My dear people always say numbers in the news. “26 people lost their lives, 61 people were injured” like.

They don’t say how many of my friends died.

I asked my people, too. They don’t know either. I am sorry, I am very sorry… People say, “Getting it wrong”, don’t do that. I am sorry for all the lives that lost their lives…

“Is the manager who looks at us, shares his house, loves us and loves us so much dead?” I asked.

Perhaps among the lives that lost their lives were those who had animal friends at home. They lost their favorite friends. I was also sorry for them.

When we say let’s live together with love, why does this happen?

Why do human beings fight?

I ask, nobody answers …

We’re sorry today, but we’re still working. We are still trying to do something.

They said not to write something like that. Maybe people got it wrong. However, I thought I should write, I wrote without any discrimination.

Because we do not know what animals distinguish. We can know…

And we are sorry for all souls.

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