Waste Pet Bottles Turned into Giant Animals – SRC

BasementBy a shopping mall in Ortakent District of Istanbul, 5 June World Environment Day organized an art event to raise awareness of children about waste and to support recycling.

The pet bottles collected by the children and the shopping center were transformed into works of art with the slogan “Let’s collect pet bottles, let’s make giant sculptures”. The students got to work with the artists to make the sculptures. After it was decided to make a giraffe and a tarantula with the selection of the students, the children started to tape the pet skewers together. With the manual labor of the students, a sculpture was created in 2 hours together with the artists.

Yasemin Bora, one of the students who stated that they participated in this activity to create awareness of recycling and nature, said that they did not expect that many plastic bottles could be collected. Sevcan Tekcan, who organizes art activities in open spaces with painter and children, said, “As part of June 5th, World Environment Day, we are making giant recycled sculptures. Thousands of plastic bottles collected by the children, their families and the shopping center throughout Bodrum district We bring good together. We make recycled giant animal sculptures. We make a 4-meter-high giraffe and a 3-meter-long tarantula. Sculptures made using 3,000 plastic bottles with the participation of 100 children will be exhibited throughout June. said.

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