The hero of the diver who saved the shark was awarded the hero of animals – SRC

The international animal rights organization PETA (Those Who Fight for Ethical Treatment of Animals) awarded the ‘Hero of the Animals’ award to the diving instructor who took the net out of the shark by risking his life.

PETA was rewarded by Inaki Aizpun, who was a scuba diving teacher in the Byron Bay region of New South Wales, Australia, by endangering a shark who floats with his net and rope while diving with his students.

Aizpun, who shared the videos taken during the rescue of the Gray Nurse type 2-meter-long shark from his social media account, was awarded the “Hero of the Animals” plaque by PETA.

Aizpun, who seems to have had to swim very close to the fish for a while to check whether there is a hook at the end of the rope in the mouth of the giant shark, ‘‘ Nfortunately there was no hook on the end of the string so I was able to pull out the thread and net ” said.


Stating that the attempts to save the shark from the net were not successful at first, Aizpun said that the fish did not attack him because he realized that he wanted to help.

Aizpun described the incident with the following words: ‘‘I think the shark knew I was there in good faith, I was there to help him because he never came to me or acted aggressively. I could see in his eyes that he thanked me for saving his life, then he swam. ”


PETA Spokesperson Emily Rice also reminded that they gave a reward to thank Aizpun for the fast action and compassion he showed to save the shark. “We hope that helping an animal in need will inspire others” said.

The pollution of the seas around the world with thousands of tons of waste caused human life, as well as endangering the lives of the creatures living here. Harmful wastes dragged by currents reach the shores of the ocean regions where people are absent, causing both ecological balance to deteriorate and marine life to be destroyed.

Source: Sputnik

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