The Dog Arriving at the Hospital where the Human Being Removed by Following the Ambulance Does Not Leave the Door – SRC

The citizen named Önder S. was treated at the Bartın State Hospital annex where he was brought by ambulance due to his illness. Leader S.’s Golden Retriever breed dog also came to the hospital garden following the ambulance. The dog has been waiting for the hospitalized owner to be discharged for 5 days. The dog’s healthcare staff and the business staff around the hospital feed and play with the dog.

Stating that they named the dog Cesur, the buffet manager Mehmet Çetin said,The dog has been here for four or five days. We heard that a patient was following in intensive care. Incoming visitors said so. We are trying to feed as much as we can here, so it was eating water. This doesn’t leave here either. I hope the owner will recover and the owner will regain. ” said.
Hospital staff Ahmet Öztekin, “We recently heard that the owner of this dog was in intensive care. Here we have our mascot. It came, we love it, we love it. We have been looking for four or five days since then, with love and respect. We already have a mascot. The fact that animal love is so sensitive to all around is a message to the society how loyal they are to them. ” he spoke.

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