Thanks to the Ministry of Interior for Street Animals! – SRC

For street animals who find it difficult to find food when citizens do not leave the house under COVID-19 measures Ministry of Interior on April 5 issued a circular. In the circular sent to 81 governorships, regular feed and water was requested to be determined at the determined points.


In the circular, where the coronavirus epidemic affects not only human life, but also the life of street animals, the difficulty of finding food in terms of street animals, especially animal shelters, due to the decrease in the consumption capacity of places where food and beverage services are served, in order to ensure social isolation, arises. It was said to come out.

In line with the circular, food, feed, food and water will be regularly left at the points determined in the living areas of street animals such as parks and gardens, especially animal shelters. Required areas will be disinfected.

‘When they can’t feed, they can die quickly by developing disease’

Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP), He stated that the circular was important for street animals. Citizens who stated that they have been making individual efforts for street animals since the day the virus started to show its effects expressed their happiness that all animals will be fed thanks to the circular.

HAYTAP Press Officer Şule Baylan Noting that the decisions taken are very appropriate, he underlined that treatment and sterilization should continue especially in this period. Stating that it is necessary to make agreements with private veterinarians for treatment and sterilization, Baylan said:

“The new circular of the Ministry of the Interior satisfied animal rights defenders. Municipalities had to reduce the number of staff in nursing homes due to coronavirus and work one day apart. At this point, an inspection circular was issued for the disruption. Thank you for both the inspection and the feed circular. At this stage, their diet was important. When they can’t feed, they can die quickly by developing disease. Another important issue is to stop breeding. Neutering is as important as nutrition for the population of stray animals. We want the Ministry to do a study on this issue. The number of employees is currently insufficient, but everyone can sterilize the animals they find in the neighborhood. In this regard, the Ministry and private clinics can contract. ”

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