Takes Money Out of Its Birds, Asking Questions and Taking Pictures – SRC

Züleyha Yaman, who lives in Talas’s Kiçiköy neighborhood, started feeding many birds after the budgerigar he bought 7 years ago. In Ali Saip Pasha, known as ‘Ottoman Street’, Yaman, who takes his birds over his head without putting them in a cage, has the sign that says ‘Taking pictures with the bird is 1 TL, loving the bird is 1 TL, touching the bird is 1 TL, asking a question about the bird is 1 TL’. Stating that their birds did not escape even though they are not in the cage, Yaman receives 1 lira from those who ask questions about birds, take photos and love their animals.

Züleyha Yaman explaining that she was surprised by the people who saw her on the street “I bought a yellow budgie 7 years ago. It was a habit to see him not running out. As long as something was happening to my birds, I always bought new ones. I trained them all. I have been walking my birds over my head for 7 years. They were running away when I first removed it. I love them, I love them. After a while, they get used to it, they don’t go. I move my birds around my shoulders and head. They never run away. Sometimes they don’t take us on the tram or bus. My bird does not run away and does no harm to anyone ” he spoke.

Stating that he spent the money he earned in the treatment of his birds, Züleyha Yaman said, “There is a bird in the house, its wing is broken. I try to make money by working this way to get him treated. I have to earn an estimated 500 TL. ” he spoke.

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