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Although it is celebrated on different dates in different countries, we are among those who accepted February 17, World Cat Day. That’s why we devote today to the relationship we have with cats, and we share the cat songs that we all go through.

Of the songs with cats, the first thing that comes to our minds is the words “Little I don’t even have a cat” and we open the song “Gülümse”. It is not known whether it is our common loneliness to be called “I do not even have a cat” but everyone remembers this song with these words.

One of our favorites among the songs with Cat is Candan Erçetin’s Excuse. The cat carries the message and that innocent longing is reflected by melodies…

When will we listen to Bulent Ortaçgil’s “Cats” song today!

A Cat song also comes from Pilli Bebek.

A Cat’s Diary classic “My Cat”…

When it comes to street cats, it’s time to listen to Nilüfer’s Street Cat.

Let us analyze Kayahan after Nilüfer … Let a lion meow, little mouse roar 🙂

Çilli Cat, one of the songs that Ahmet Kaya wrote as a reference to the politicians of the period and which is the least known in his collection, is among our favorites.

We love the song “Cat”, which the composer and arranger Volga Tamöz recommended cats as “pain medication”.

Jehan Barbur, with his cotton-like voice, says, “When the two cats are found in the trash where they pour the tea brew with their orange peels, we can not raise the orange cats that have not been lifted” and ask what are the orange cats.

Can Feridun Düzağaç also remember the cats?

“No songs from the new bands?” we seem to hear what you say. Of course there are; How to forget the song “We Talk When We Face” group “Cats”.

While listening to these songs; Open the award food, blast confetti … Go out to the street … Remember, little paws …

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