Prevention Against Animal Abuse in Buca – SRC

Buca Municipality, Turkey experienced repeatedly in diameter, means that the work done for the country to stop the violence laws and sadness bullish added a new one. In the previous months, the collective bargaining agreement signed with DİSK Genel İş İş Union; Buca Municipality, which has put a termination clause against the crimes such as harassment, rape, violence against women and children, and abuse of animals, has taken another step towards the protection of animals by arranging in the Regulation on Orders and Prohibitions of the Police Department.


In the parliamentary meeting in September, Buca Municipality, which took the decision to regulate the Department of Orders and Prohibitions on the Health and Wellbeing Regulation of the Police Department, the Buca Municipality, in addition to the article of the Regulation ‘It is forbidden to run animals, torture, beat and fight animals in the city’. “It is forbidden to force animals to exceed their power, to expose animals to extreme cold or heat, and to apply physical, psychological or sexual violence to animals.”

ANIMAL DEAD CANNOT BE buried without permission

Buca Municipality went to the regulation in the 9th article of the Directorate of Municipal Police Department and added the words: “All kinds of animals, big and small, cannot be left out, thrown in public places or buried without permission” wherever they are.


According to the 32/1 article of the Law No. 5326 on Misdemeanors, the legal action will be taken for 261 TL, for those who treat the animals exceeding the Regulations framework with the decision taken.

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