‘One Animal for Each School Project’ in Ordu – SRC

At Altınordu Animal Rehabilitation Center A healthy dog, all cared for, was adopted by the Metropolitan Municipality to a private college. While the adopted dog was brought home to a warm and loving home, the first steps were taken to increase the children’s love for animals and environmental awareness.

Students who said that ownership of stray animals should set an example for other schools, “We wanted to adopt our animals that live on the streets and need love. They are also living beings, and we need to keep them alive like an individual in our environment. We took the first step with our school by adopting a dog for them to have a warm home. All their care and needs will be met by our school. We wish this behavior to set an example for other people and schools ” they spoke in the form.

Within the scope of the project initiated by the Ministry of National Education and supported by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Ordu National Education Directorate, seminars will be held for students in the schools that are owned by the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department. During the trainings, students will be informed about animal love and environmental awareness.

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