German Cleaning Company Continues Its Traditional Shelter Cleaning This Year – SRC

German cleaning giant Kärcher launched in 2015 “Animal Shelter Cleaning Project “what continued this year in Bakırköy Municipality Animal Shelter. Disinfecting the living spaces of animals from viruses and germs with professional cleaning machines, Kärcher employees left a clean living environment for approximately 400 dogs and 100 cats.

the Kärcher With pressure washing, wet dry vacuum, rotary polish and steam cleaning machines, the area of ​​4 thousand square meters turned into a hygienic environment in a short time.

Stating that they aim to make the world a more livable place together as a leading brand in cleaning solutions. Kärcher Turkey General Manager Jennifer Gökmen he said the following;

“As Kärcher, corporate social responsibility projects are at the center of all our activities. For this purpose, we first started our animal shelter cleaning project with Fatih Municipality Yedikule Shelter in 2015. After the Yedikule Shelter in 2016, we cleaned the Animal Shelter of Beyoğlu Municipality with Kärcher’s professional cleaning machines in 2017, and provided our animals a hygienic and germ-free environment. This year, we would like to thank everyone, including Bakırköy Municipality, who gave us this opportunity to bring our project back to life. Thanks to our cooperation, our friends attained clean shelter areas. We will continue to sign projects that add value to the society with our exemplary collaborations. ”

Voluntary Cleaning in Beyoğlu Municipality Animal Shelter

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