Cables Left Open on a Site in Izmir Caused the Death of a Cat – SRC

The incident took place in the 2nd stage of Mavişehir Site, where there are 20 blocks and 88 villas in Karşıyaka. The cat, who bit the cables of the lighting poles, allegedly not closed for a long time despite the warnings in the site, died after being caught in the current.

Noting that the exposed electrical cables pose a great risk not only for animals but also for children, Banu Pirinçcioğlu, one of the residents of the site, said, “Site management committed a murder today. Unfortunately, electrical cables that were not covered despite being warned many times for months killed this cat. The cat in the picture is not posing, it was struck and left ” said.

Defending that this is a great negligence and animal hostility lies beneath it, Pirinçcioğlu stated that they looked at a few cats as some animal lovers living on the site and said:

“Unfortunately we live on a site that is not pet-friendly. Without our fight and insistence, it is impossible for cats and dogs to take shelter. There is a section under the lighting poles, and electrical cables protrudes through it. Normally it should be covered with covers. My dog ​​wants to wonder and look every time he is browsing the site. I’m off the leash. Probably this cat also bit its mouth and died. This is a great negligence. “

Noting that they paid a high amount of dues for the expenses of the site where 2 thousand 877 apartments are located, Banu Pirinçcioğlu stated that all maintenance related to electricity transmission belongs to the site management and stated that security should be provided. Explaining that the site management pulled a strip around the poles and tied some of them with covers, Pirinçcioğlu argued that the measures were insufficient.

In the statement made by the site management, it was claimed that the cat threaded the wire and exposed the cables. It was claimed that there was no electricity at high voltage enough to harm someone on the poles, and it was announced that the necessary instructions were given to the technical service and more stringent measures were taken.

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