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Gaziantepwho continue his education life Hasan Kalyoncu University, students in Turkey ‘Animal Law’ course, which was the second university. While the students were informed practically in the “Animal Law” courses that started at the Faculty of Law, it was reminded that the silent creatures of nature also have rights. Legal Expert Dr. Att. Cengiz Bayram and Prof.Dr. With the lessons to be given by Ömer Özkan, it is aimed to raise awareness of animal rights in the society. In this context, Association for the Improvement of Live Life (CAHİDE), hands-on training was carried out with two puppies in the first lesson. It was noteworthy that the puppies, who were the guests of the practical training, were surprised and the students followed them with interest.

“We wanted to focus on the law of living creatures in difficult situations”

Giving information about the Animal Law course, Hasan Kalyoncu University Faculty of Law Dean Prof. Dr. Omer Ozkan, “We, as the faculty, wanted to focus on the law of living creatures in difficult situations, which has been equivalent in society for the past year, but has not been opened until today. These creatures are one of the disadvantaged groups of the world we live in. Allah, who gives life to these creatures, will surely ask us about our responsibilities towards these creatures. Because we are also responsible to nature. That’s why we opened such a course to ensure this sensitivity. This animal law lesson will be taught together with Doctor Cengiz Bayram, who is very active in Gaziantep. I advise all faculties to open this course. “ said.

“We must respect the living spaces of other living things”

During the semester, Uzm. Dr. Hunting. Cengiz Bayram said, “We need to respect both the environment and the habitats of other living things. This is a moral concept, but law is also the sanctioning form of morality. Therefore, we will try to raise awareness with this lesson here. In other words, we will make sure that students know this law, its annexes. Our aim will be to mobilize administrators with these lessons. Because we have to live with these creatures. Life is unthinkable without these creatures, these creatures are very loyal creatures. We will try to convey our knowledge at this point to our students.”Used expressions.

“We will do the lesson in practice”

Emphasizing that the course will be given in practice and that they will invite the dignitaries of the city where possible, Bayram, “We will be bringing many animals to do practical training in this lesson. Sometimes we will visit the animals with our fellow students. In addition, we will invite the Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, to one of these lessons and ask him to explain what they have done at this point as the municipality “ gave his statements.

“Society needs to be sensitive to such issues”

Samet Özkaya, one of the students who attended the course, stated that he was happy to have taken the animal law course.Because of my interest in animals, I decided to choose this course. Society needs to be sensitive to such issues. So, as a student, I am very happy to be in this class. I thank those who made this possible. We UNIVERSITIES second we perform in Turkey. I am happy to be in such a formation “ he spoke.
After the speeches, the students were informed about animal law in the first lesson with two visiting puppies.

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