2001 They Left Bread for Nature to Avoid Disasters – SRC

ErzurumThe “Binbir Hatim” tradition, which was started by Pir Ali Baba 487 years ago to protect him from natural disasters, started on 13 December. 45,835 hatim prayers, which were read in various mosques for a month, were held at the Grand Mosque on Friday, January 17, with the participation of approximately 5,000 people. During the days when Hatims were driving, Muhittin Olçun left 1001 loaves of bread that Pir Ali Baba took to the mountain where his tomb is located in the Dutçu village of Palandöken, the central district, for wild animals. Olçun went to the place where the tomb of Pir Ali Baba is located, this time, he left 2001 bread in order to prevent the ‘coronavirus’ in China from coming to our country.

Olçun, who is also a clergyman and television programmer as well as a tradesman, said, “Pir Ali Baba said, “If you read a thousand and one hatim every year, God will protect this country from earthquakes (natural disasters)”, I have been leaving 1001 bread to nature for years. However, due to the disasters that have been experienced one after the other in recent days, we came to the mountainous area where Pir Ali Baba’s tomb is located and prayed and left bread to nature in 2001. I hope neither we nor anyone else will experience these events again. he spoke.

Muhuttin Olçun added that the wildlife should be protected, “Not wild animals that cannot find food in nature, they even descend to villages and cities. Hungry wolves descend to the villages and kill dogs. Pigs entered the market in Bursa. Believe that a society that does not give peace to animals cannot find peace in itself. Animals living in nature are actually entrusted to us. That’s why we need to protect them “ said.

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